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Hi everyone! September is a very special month for this blog as it saw the blog reach 10,000 followers on Thursday 5th, and it will mark its first birthday (on the 23rd). It has been an epic year for the show, and also for this blog! Aside from my gif making skills improving drastically (this was my first gifset on here, for the curious… ouch!), my followers have all been pretty awesome, and I want to celebrate you all by hosting a giveaway!

From now until September 22nd (the date of the S8 premiere), anyone who reblogs or likes this post will be entered to win one of these adorable handdrawn posters by bensmind. The winner will pick the poster they like best, and I will pay for it, shipping to anywhere in the world included.

The only major rule is that you have to be following thebigbangtheorists. It is, after all, a giveaway for my followers. Also, if you are underage, please ask your parents or legual guardian if you can enter the contest as you will be giving me your address if you happen to win. They have to be okay with that! You can reblog this post as many times as you want, and likes also count as an entry. 

If you have any question, please ask them off anon so I can make sure you get an answer. And if you think this is just me trying to get more followers and that I’m not planning on following through (I wouldn’t blame you, we know that there are blogs that are guilty of this), know that I have hosted another giveaway on the Harry Potter blog I contribute to, and that the winner did get her prize. I just really want to do something nice for you!

Good luck everyone!

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